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Obang Pillow

Obang Pillow

Name : Obang Pillow

code : Csc-ob-01

Country of origin : R.O.K

The material : Spotex poly

Weight : 620g

Size : Small/ Medium/Large

c/t size : 375*375*220(h) mm

MOQ : 

Color/ style : 5 colors type Single color type

* Cushion utilizing obangsaek (5 colors of directions) in Eastern philosophy
* Unique design integrates the 5 colors that bring good fortune in a modern style
* Yellow: Represents the emperor, king, center; the most noble color
* Blue: Creation, life; color that prays for good fortune and exterminates misfortune
* White: Innocence, truth, life, purity; purity and hope, morality; stands for the color of the sun
* Red: Creation, passion, love; the strongest color for exorcism
* Black: Represents recovery * 3D pattern, unique and delicate design can be used as interior design prop