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Flower cushion

Flower cushion

Name : Flower cushion

code : Csc-flower-G01 / Csc-flower-S02

Country of origin : R.O.K

Outer cover : - outer cover: sportex poly fabric / etc.

- core: MEMORY FOAM, elastic polyurethane foam

Weight : 340g

Size : LARGE:50cm / SMALL: 40cm

c/t size : 

MOQ : 

Color/ style : Single color type (kind of 10 color) /Allover type

* Special cushion made with highly elastic polyurethane foam, developed with the unique technology of Chunsei
* Unique and adorable flower design
* Highly elastic polyurethane foam provides comfort.
* The center of the cushion and 5 grooves act as vent, overcoming the shortcoming of sweat accumulating when sitting
   down for too long
* For office workers, students, or other people who sit on chairs for long hours
* 5 sections have individual zippers to make washing simple.
* LARGE(50cm), SMALL(40cm) can be selected as desired
* Various types of fabric can be chosen
* Possible to order with customized logos (schools, companies, churches, etc.)