Chunsei industries is a classy idea design product processing company which handles in various products such as high

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    The logo of Chunsei projects two people facing each other holding hands.
    This expresses the business philosophy of Chunsei which represents its customer
    respect and partnerships and cooperation with other companies. The basic logo color
    is green, which stands for freshness and constancy.


    Design which adds to the value of life. ¢ºWow : Company which impresses the customers. Ideas that provide convenience ¢ºhappiness: Company which helps customers have happy lives.WOWPPI (WOW+HAPPINESS): Company that creates living culture which improves the quality of life.

    The ¡°BI¡± of Chunsei contains the business ideology of Chunsei Industries which
    intends to improve the quality of life by becoming a company creating a living culture,
    in order to provide design and convenience that adds to the value of life for the
    There are no limitations to color to provide harmony with the products, and variety
    and change is pursued. Image of two people facing each other on wings represents
    Chunsei and its customers living together.


    ¡°Not beautiful, but attractive. Not used to but familiar. Not strange, but unique.¡±

    The products of Chunsei are based on new ideas and designs.
    Therefore, it has a unique position in the market. Wowppi, the representative
    character of Chunsei, is in the form which shows the product specifics.
    You are not used to the appearance, but you feel familiar. Strangely, it doesn¡¯t seem
    awkward, and has a special attraction.
    Wowppi shows the characteristics of Chunsei Industries and various products of